Expert Doctor Consultation at Home

Happiy offers doctors at home service with expert care for you and your family, senior citizen that encompasses day-to-day healthcare needs as well as long term assistance. Doctor consultation services in Delhi or doctor call service delhi cares for you as a family, being a best home healthcare service provider with a difference. The core purpose is to deliver 'Healthcare outside hospitals' in the right way. The main focus is on clinical excellence coupled with superior patient experience at an affordable cost.

Our family doctor visits the patient at home to review the health status, recommend diagnostics, formulate a treatment plan and refer them to a specialist, if required.regular health check ups are always recommended to keep a check and maintain the best of health. Our online doctor consultation ensures you and your family members are always in the pink of health.

The family doctor can suggest if a particular treatment is suitable for being given at home. They may refer the patient for home treatment whilst keeping them under supervision at all times.

You can avail doctor visits for:
  1. Regular health check-ups that help identify the effectiveness of medications administered and early identification of complications.
  2. When the patient is suffering from fever, cold, cough and other common medical conditions, the doctor’s home visit will reduce the stress of visiting a hospital and waiting for a doctor consultation.
  3. Medical certificate on cause of death and other documents to the local body to get the death certificate
Benefits of doctor consultation at Home:
  • Not all illnesses need hospitalization, but owing to lack of support at home, patients end up in nursing homes and hospitals for medical care.
  • The first benefit is the availability of quality medical care in the comfort of your home.
  • The doctor on call service is available 24*7; hence, you are guaranteed quality healthcare even at odd hours and on any given day.

Doctor Home Visit in Bangalore - A Doctor to Your Doorstep

If You Are Looking for a Home Visit Doctor near You. We're Open All Days. All the doctors are specialists- MBBS MDs and having broad experience. General Health Checkup. 

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